• MSTR as in MaSTeR

    Neither Mister, nor Monster, MSTR.TV is all about automating frequent tasks for TV and WEB media. No longer are you doomed to be charged for each task: One flat fee that includes video slate creation, file format conversion, closed captioning, web audio level optimization, quality control, online archiving, unlimited distribution, and many other tasks.

  • We automate, you save

    Why pay $100 each time a computer does the same 30-second task? Our Canadian built and owned distribution network empowers you to seamlessly distribute your ads in any format imaginable, to as many station or networks as you want, as many times as you want. The true value lies is in our innovative approach to meet each of your distribution venue’s specifications.

  • We've saved our clients $0

    Contact us and we will help you do the math to see how much you will save your clients.


Each Master is converted into several formats in order to answer everyone’s individual needs. MXF, MP4 and WebM.


Several sizes are available depending on the desired use. Versions like 1080p 720p and 540p are also generated.

Video assembly

Slates are generated from metadata and automatically assembled for each format.

Quality Control

The masters are analyzed in over 30 points to validate the quality required by broadcasters.

Audio Reassignment

The audio tracks are automatically reassigned depending on the format. Ex: 8 mono tracks for a broadcast master, 1 surround track for an MP4.

Sound Optimization

The sound Level is automatically optimized for web platforms. No need to create a different mix for the TV and the web.

Closed Captions

Multiple formats exist depending on the distribution context. We convert the file .SCC to then insert into masters in 608 and 708 format, in mov-text for the .MP4 and in .VTT and .SRT for online visualizations.


With web videos starting automatically online, there is a risk that your ad will be viewed without any audio. We provide you with a subtitled version so nothing is lost.

TV Distribution

Each broadcaster receives the ad in the proper format. The notifications and nomenclature of the masters are also adapted depending on their requirements and a delivery status page is available for every master.

Instantaneous Follow up

Each step is monitored. You get a progression update in real time of the workflow until final delivery.


Save all your masters and video version in your mstr,tv account as well as your distribution history.


A link is available for each transcoded file to facilitate sharing with your colleagues and clients.